Reasons to book a professional make-up artist for your wedding day

By 12 July, 2016Bridal

We know how important your big day is and as make-up artists we want you to look and feel your very best on this day. While finding the ultimate dress is crucial, your make-up and hair are equally vital in perfecting the final look.

On the morning of your wedding you will want to feel relaxed as possible, having wedding professionals around can really help with this. They are used to blending into your bridal party and know how to keep you calm and and let you enjoy the morning with your loved ones.

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Professional make-up artists also know how to make the makeup look its best in photos, these are photos you will treasure and keep forever so this is quite important! Finding the balance between the make-up looking good in real life and in photos can be tricky. Make up artists know what suits your colouring and facial features the best, they use different techniques, products and textures to enhance to get the best version of you.

Make-up artists have beautified 100s of women usually of all different ages, ethnicity’s and face shapes so this is perfect for your bridal party too. The make up artist will be able to keep the make up looking uniform between you and your bridesmaids, so no one out of place in the pictures.  They will use tried and tested long-lasting, anti smudge and waterproof products flawlessly applied which most people do not know about let alone own in their make up bags. The make up artist isn’t there to help you experiment with make up, they want to help you enhance your natural beauty and create a signature make up look for your special day that will not date in years to come.

If you are getting married abroad we strongly suggest having a one on one make up lesson before you go.  The make up artist will help you plan your desired look taking climate and lighting into careful consideration.  You will usualy be given a face chart with step by step instructions and recommended products to use so you can recreate it on the day.

We hope you found this useful  and if you did you want to book us for your wedding makeup please check out our bridal services page or get in contact for more information.