Bridal make-up for Black and Asain skin tones| colour & beauty tips

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Bridal make-up for Black and Asian skin tones | colour & beauty tips

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No matter your ethnicity every women comes with her own set of unique traits that she wants to play up, here we have complied a few of our favourite tips.


Colour & beauty tips for black skin tones

Black skin is better adapted to the sun, it sweats and hydrates itself naturally, however when exposed to a cold climate this mechanism becomes less effective and its natural radiance often becomes dull and grey-ish. Knowing what our British weather is like most of the time, be sure to use an illuminating / radiance primer even if you are going for matte look.


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Foundation matching can be difficult with darker skin tones as certain areas of the face can be different colours such as a darker forehead and lighter cheeks, therefore you should go for a tone in between the lightest and darkest areas of the face, this will avoid it looking ashy or too dark.
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Colours to use : Shimmery bronze / gold, raspberry, emerald, charcoal, metallic, jewl

Bridal colours : Rosy raspberry cheeks and lips, black liner, soft smokey eyes in neutral tones such as chocolate brown or charcoal.


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Our favourite products: Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer, Bobbi Brown Extra Repair SPF 25 Foundation, Butter London Lip & Cheek Crème.


Colour & beauty tips for Asian skin tones

Yellow based foundations work the best with Asian skin, avoid pink undertones unless it’s in your blush! Adding a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks is essential, pink blush with purple undertones always makes yellow toned skin look fresh and dewy.


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Some Asian eyes can be hooded, you can give the illusion of a bigger lid by either lightly drawing in a crease with a neutral eye shadow colour or graduate the eye shadow colour from dark to light with darkest colour on the lash line, medium tone in the middle fading into the lightest tone nearer the eyebrow.


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Eyeliner and lashes are essential for Asian eyes. The liner needs to be visible when the eye is open, if it’s not, make it thicker! We would suggest using a gel eyeliner as it sets quickly and wont smudge once the eye is closed. Eyelashes are often sparse, straight, coarse and slope downward.

By curling your eyelashes and using a good waterproof mascara which will keep the lashes curled all day, it can really open up your eye area and make a massive difference. For special occasion such as weddings it is really worth popping on a pair of falsies.


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Colours to use: Experiment! Asian skin tones suit most colours, candy pink, aubergine, electric blue, chocolate brown.

Bridal colours: Baby pink on cheeks and lips, soft sparkly champagne on eyes, chocolate brown liner.

Our favourite products: Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curlers, BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector, Dior Spring Summer Eye shadow Palette.


If you would like any more help or information on bridal make-up or booking a bridal make-up artist please contact us or check out our bridal services.