Winter Wedding Hair and Make-up tips

By 3 January, 2017Bridal

Being a winter bride actually has many perks! Winter wonderland settings, off-season rates and the chance of your make-up sliding off being very unlikely but when it comes to beauty the cold weather can presents a few challenges: dry skin, brittle hair and chapped lips due to the cold temperatures outside and the hot temperatures indoors.

Here’s some helpful to tips to keep you looking gorgeous on your big day even if the weather is against you!

Hydrating your skin

Women with dry skin suffer even more during the winter because of the constant change in the environment inside and out.  Please check our winter skin blog on how to look after your skin during the winter. Make-up wise we would suggest using liquid and crème products, these will feel lighter and more moisturising and will also give your skin a lovely glowly boost.  A great lightweight radiant foundation is Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser.

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Choosing a hair style

It’s also worth thinking about a hairstyle that will work with the weather! Unexpected wind rain or humidity could really effect or ruin your hair if you were to go for something like a beachy wave. We would suggest opting for an up do in colder months to avoid sad looking locks and hair covered faces in photos!

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Embrace a little sparkle!

If you like shimmer or sparkle then being a winter bride is perfect for you and it’s you time to shine! (Literally) Embrace shimmers on the eyes and cheek bones, it also a great time of year to show off glitzy dresses and veils. Do try and stay away from the glitter though, you want a look that will stand the test of time and not something you may regret next year! Our  favourite eye shadow pallets are by TOM FORD. They have a mix of iridescent, creamy mattes and subtle glitter’s.

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Keep the bronzer out!

We are normally at our fairest in the winter and there is nothing wrong with a bit of soft bronzing to warm you up and it can be little more flattering if you are looking washed out. Go for a bronzer that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone to keep it looking very subtle. Be very focussed about where you sweep it, targeting the hairline, nose and cheekbones to give a natural-looking tint as if you have caught the sun a little. We love Hula by Benefit.

If you have any other questions about make-up or hair at all please do not hesitate to contact us.