COVID 19- Staying safe as beauty professionals

By 14 July, 2020Bridal

Beauty has always been one of the most hygienic professions around but with the current situation beauty professionals will be having to take more stringent health and safety measures than ever before, and for many a whole new way of working.  We’ve put together a list of useful links and short courses for beauty professionals, with the latest healthy & safety advice.

The British Beauty Council’s extensive guidelines to help businesses introduce clear social distancing and hygiene measures.  Covering:  hair professionals, nail professionals, freelance hair, make-up and nails in fashion, retail and therapy.

British Beauty Council

The official government guidelines

HM Government

Short free courses designed to give you the most current health and safety information that is important to any beauty professional with certificates provided.

BARBICIDE free Certification

Safe Sets Intertional

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