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We have seen makeup habits change a lot since face masks have been made mandatory. We have seen many people ditching radiant, dewy products like cream blushes and highlighters and reaching for powders and more waterproof products. We have also seen makeup lovers getting really creative with their eye makeup and minimal makeup wearers ditching it altogether. We have found ourselves and our clients really wanting to put emphasis on eyes and lashes at the moment, so we’ve put together some tips and product suggestions to help you get those peepers popping!

Smokey Eyes

To achieve a smokey eye fit for mask wearing, we want products that are long lasting and easy to apply. In our opinion the quickest and easy way to achieve a waterproof smokey eye is with one our favourite products, Laura Mercier’s Cavia Sticks. We love the shade Cocoa for a deep chocolate smokey eye. Run the pen along your lash line then tap and smudge with your finger, repeat this until you have the desired effect. Add a little to the lower lash line, a few coats of your favourite waterproof mascara and you’ll have a beautifully blended, foolproof smokey eye.


At the moment there are more colourful makeup products available than ever before, we think people are going to get even more daring with colour now that half of the face will be covered. Eyeliners are another super easy way to get your eyes to stand using just one product. Apply roughly to the lash line to start with for a pop of colour, sometimes the smudgier and messier the better! If you are feeling brave, smudge the liner out into wing shape. The braver you get the bolder you can go! We love Urban Decay’s Wired 24/7 liners, an amazing set of 4 neons smudge and waterproof.


Glitter is really going to make those eyes dazzle over your face mask, we would recommend Stilla’s Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. When wearing a face mask a glitter product with no fall out is important which is why we love this one, they are also highly pigmented and you can apply straight from the applicator on to your lids.  Apply one coat directly onto the lash line and center of the lid, use your finger in a tapping motion to blend and set, these can be used alone or to make other eyeshadows pop.


Waterproof mascara is a must when wearing a face mask, we don’t want any flakes or smudges working their way onto your mask. Our waterproof favourites are Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof and YSL Volume Effet Cils Waterproof, both give a lifting effect and are also great for keeping straight lashes up. We will also definitely see an increase in lash wearers. Lashes are the perfect way to make your eyes appear bigger and more feminine whilst wearing a mask. Smaller lashes are easier to apply and are more natural for everyday use, a good tip is to cut your pair of lashes in half giving you 2 sets of corner lashes. Corner lashes adhere easier and are less likely to lift at the ends. We love Ardell’s Demi Whipies and If you have a steady hand go for Ardell’s individual lashes for an even softer look.


We have noticed a lot more people filling in their brows than they were before face masks. Your brows frame your face – they are important! Even if you don’t have enough time for eye makeup, keeping your brows on point is quick and easy. For already good brows that need a bit of grooming we love Glossier Boy Brow, brush brows upwards and out with their mini applicator and you’ll have perfect brows in seconds. If your brows need a bit more work try a pencil. Stick with ashy toned pencils and don’t go to dark in the center, the tail should always be the darkest part of the brow. We love Mac’s Eyebrow Styler in shades Fling and Lingering.

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If you have any question about wearing makeup with your face mask, please do not hesitate to to contact us here.

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