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By 2 April, 2020Bridal

We have been professional makeup artists for over 7 years now and over this time we have tried and tested hundreds of different eyeliners. The choice can be overwhelming with so many different types of liner, and many do not live up to expectation! We wanted to share with you our favourites from our kit and personal makeup bags.


Choose a pencil if you are wanting a softer and more blended look. Although they can be bold if you want them too, theres much more room for blending, smuding and correcting with a pencil liner.

Chanelle Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner is our current favourite for bridal makeup. Many eyeliners claim to be waterproof but don’t live up to it! This liner IS run-proof, smudge-proof, water and humidity resistant, also amazing at staying put in the waterline which is the real test for any waterproof liner. Perfect for brides and big nights out!


% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london
% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london

Inglot Kohl pencil is a recent discovery of ours. It has a highly pigmented formula and blends beautifully! Work quickly with this one because once it has set its not moving, which also makes this great for the water line. It comes in 8 different shades and at £11, it is an incredible quality liner for the price.


Choose a gel liner if you want a cleaner and more dramatic look, also a good option if you are newer to eyeliner and have a bit of time to spend on perfecting it.

The Delilah gel eye liner has been a saviour for us! It glides on effortlessly and is a dream to work with. It doesn’t crack, smudge or fade and will literally stay put until you take it off. Our favourite thing about this liner is how intense the black is, it makes any eye colour pop and a small bit goes a very long way which makes it great value for money.

% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london
% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london

We have been using Mac’s Blacktrack gel liner in our kit for years. We have stuck with it for so long because we love the application of its creamy texture. Even when the liner has set it is still easy to move around or remove so it is great for perfecting any mistakes without ruining the rest of your make up. The shade is a soft black so it is a lovely option if you are wanting something slightly less intense.


Choose a pen if you are experienced with liner and are looking for a quick, easy and sharp line. Although we do not carry these in our make up kits for hygiene reasons, we love them for our personal make up bags. Pens are a quick easy way to get the perfect liner!

The Tom Ford eye defining pen is very pigmented, glides on like a dream, has absolutely no smudging and the fine nib allows for real precision. This liner is dual ended, a short nib for a quick cat eye flick and the long narrow nib for lining just above the lash line and defining that wing. 

% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london
% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london

Nyx professional Epic ink liner is another recent find which we are very excited about. This liner has a super fine nib very like the Tom Ford liner and has a very similar application. The ink does not run dry on the nib as most cheaper liners do and the shade is the deepest black. It does occasionally need a touch up to keep it looking perfect all day but who cares for £9!

If you do have any questions about any of the products mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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