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By 5 July, 2018Bridal

With new products coming out every single day its virtually impossible to get around to trying them all, but being makeup artists in London we need to be on the ball with the latest trends and products. We, like everyone else, read reviews and keep an eye on what our favourites makeup artists are using. As much as we do love trying new products we also have our kit staples that have been with us since the beginning, we know they work well and clients love them so why fix something if its not broken? We thought you guys would like to know what our shiny new and life long favourites are:

1. OLD – Clinique Air Brush Concealer

This Concealer is a light reflecting makeup must-have. We love it because its so light and does not sit in lines unlike a lot of under eye concealers. We use use this product to highlight under the brow bones, and around the nose and chin. Its also a fantastic product for light reflecting a deep wrinkle! There’s no surprise it was the Winner of Best Beauty by Stylist Award for best under-eye brightener.

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2. NEW – The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

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We have been using this dual purpose liquid stain on nearly every bride recently! It gives lips and cheeks a natural pop of buildable colour and it seriously lasts. The shades range from a beautiful dusty nude to a deep red, we love it!

3. OLD – BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

We’ve been obsessed with this highlighter since we worked for BECCA many years ago and we have still never found a better highlighter for us. Its subtly illuminating and perfects the skin without a trace of glitter. Ultra lightweight, dewy and skin friendly, you can use this as a primer or highlighter. We cant live without it and can honestly say we use it on every client!

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4. NEW – Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

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This foundation is almost like a buildable tinted moisturiser. It perfects uneven skin tone and bestows a gorgeous glow without suffocating or looking too ‘done’. It’s beautiful for bridal makeup, not too heavy for the day with still enough coverage for the evening and leaves skin looking like skin.

6. NEW – Glossier Boy Brow

This new found product is incredible. For full brows its fills them perfectly while  grooming them into place and for thinner brows it works wonders over a brow pencil to give the brow more of a real hair effect.

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7.  OLD – Le Blanc De Chanel

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This is a iconic favourite of professional makeup artists. If youre having a bad skin day or your skin need some life this is magical. It instantly illuminates the complexion and perfectly evens out the skin’s texture. Its like a luminous pore filler and we think will stay in our kits for as-long as it exists!

8. NEW – Viseart Eye shadow Pallets

These are the only eye shadow pallettes since our favourite Tom Ford quads that we have really fallen in love with. Firstly they are totally organic but with the most amazing highly pigmented forumla. The texture is buttery and they blend like an absolute dream. Our favourite and most used pallet shade is the neutral matte pallet.

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9. OLD and NEW Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quads

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We have always been and still are obsessed with these quads. We love all the classic quads but when a new or special edition quad comes out we are first in line! The shade choice in each pallet is just so perfect every time. The metallic shades are really like no other, beautifully creamy in texture and application and they give a sheen on the eye that just isn’t achievable with other brands of eyeshadow. Amazing glitters, mattes and iridescents, these will always be our no.1 choice in eyeshadow.


If you would like anymore information on any of these products, or any other makeup related enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pamela & Andrea x