Wedding skin care and makeup tips

By 18 February, 2019Bridal

To get the complexion of your dreams on your big day it’s important that you start preparing sooner rather than later.  Being bridal makeup artists for over 6 years now we have tried and tested most things and wanted to share with you guys what actually works! Here are our top wedding skin care and makeup tips.


We would suggest investing in a good exfoliator.  Exfoliation is so critical in keeping your skin bright and clear for the big day whilst also helping with the longevity of your bridal makeup.

Our favourite – Sarah Chapman’s overnight exfoliating booster.



% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london
% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london

Start wearing an SPF everyday if you don’t already, this will help prevent any extra sun damage which can cause fine lines and wrinkles. There are many moisturiers, foundations and primers available which already contain SPF so do try and use at least one product with SPF in if possible.

Our favourites – La Roche Posay’s  Hydraphase UV SPF 20 moisturiser and Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation SPF 30

A tip we give to all of our brides is try and drink 3 liters of water per day on the run up to your wedding.  Doing this for atleast 1 week can significantly improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles- tried and tested! We would also advise not to drink alcohol the night before, this will dehydrate your skin and can highlight and fine lines and pores.

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Any new beauty treatments such as facials should be tried for the first time at least one month or more before the wedding day. If for any reason you have a bad reaction, your skin needs time to clam down and recover.


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Don’t forget your primer! The right primer will not only help your makeup look perfect for longer, it will also help smooth over fine lines, wrinkles and open pores.

Our favourite – Smashbox Photo Finish

Your foundation is the most important part of your wedding makeup. It’s not just about getting the right colour, you need the right formulation for your skin type. Try different counters for samples and its useful to wear the foundation for a day before purchase so you can test things like longevity and oxidization.

Use minimal powder! Powder is useful for setting makeup in certain areas of the face but too much powder can leave your skin looking dry, flat and lifeless. Add powder to the T-zone and around the nose only, another option is a makeup fixing spray. A fixing spray is a fantasic way of holding your makeup in place for loner and is a great alternative to powder.

Our favourite – Urban Decay All Nighter

% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london
% makeup artist london % bridal makeup london

Opt for a cream blush instead of powder. Using a cream blush gives your skin more of a glow, it creates the most flattering look on the cheeks compared to powder blushers which can sometimes look a little flat.

Our favourite – Stilla Convertable Colour


Waterproof makeup is a must and it doesn’t just stop with mascara. You can use waterproof eyeliners, eye shadows and eye primers. Waterproof products are also fantastic for hot climate weddings.

Our favourites – BECCA Cosmetics beach Tints and YSL False Lash mascara

If you have any other questions at all regarding skin care or makeup for your wedding day or any day, please do not hesitate to contact us here!


Pamela & Andrea x